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Front & Rear Recording CAM- QVIA AR790-S

Front & Rear Recording CAM- QVIA AR790-S

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💥 Includes Installation

💥Made In Korea


💥Dual Channel Super HD+ Full HD

Front: 2304 X 1296 P (30 FPS)

Rear: 1920 X 1080 P (30 FPS)

-Time Lapse

-SONY Starvis Image Sensor Built In Front Cam

- Wide Dynamic Range


💥Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

- Front Car Moving Detection (FCMD)

-Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

-Forward Collioson Warning System (FCWS)

- Secondary ADAS Monitor Which Displays LDWS/ FCWS Info

GPS/ Speed/ Engine RPM/ Brake & Turn SIgnal Info

-Vibrator Which Alerts The Driver Of LDWS/ FCWS Actviation

- QVIA Night Vision

-Built In GPS


 💥 Wifi support both Andriod & IOS

- Aplication For Andriod & IOS/ PC Viewer For Windows & iMAC

- Supports 21 Different Langauges

- Wide Dynamic Range-Built In Low Voltage Cut Off System

-Battery Discharge Prevention


💥 包括安裝



正面:2304 X 1296 P (30 FPS)

後置:1920 X 1080 P(30 FPS)


-SONY Starvis 圖像傳感器內置前置攝像頭

- 寬動態範圍


- 前車移動檢測(FCMD)



- 顯示 LDWS/FCWS 信息的輔助 ADAS 監視器


- 振動器提醒駕駛員 LDWS/ FCWS 激活

- QVIA夜視儀


💥 Wifi 同時支持 Android 和 IOS

- 適用於 Andriod 和 IOS/適用於 Windows 和 iMAC 的 PC 查看器的應用程序

- 支持 21 種不同語言

- 寬動態範圍-內置低壓切斷系統

- 電池放電預防

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